Hello! I LOVE technology software, hardware's not my thing... Just get a LG device and work with it. I don't care about the hardware I get, nor do I care about the speed, I just need it to work for what I need it to work for. I am the owner of .nettiConfetti software (a not-for-profit unofficial brand, maybe it could be called a informational site?) which homes Swinky's, Controlpalette, and Powerr Electron. YumDo is my WOT profile.


Scratch, AJ, OSWars, (Go team blue!) Animal Crossing, Astronomy, Sea life, Tech, and more!

I pop up all over the place, just look for Ben4thekids on social media (I might have changed that :P) or Powerr_Electron or my OG username my sister picked out (I think it's great) Namer707. I am NOT on LinkedIn OK? I tried to sign up but gave up, just look up my dad instead if you REALLY want OK? LinkedIn